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Posted on: June 26, 2008 4:22 pm

Buck acquire Richard Jefferson

John Hammond makes his first big move as Bucks GM, acquiring SF Richard Jefferson for SF Bobby Simmons and PF Yi Jianlian

My two cents:

1.  Bobby Simmons - a very large Larry Harris blunder, possibly worse than Ernie Grunsfeld brining in Anthony Mason. 

2.  Yi - he is going to be a fantastic NBA star, but he definitely is a project and was not going to stay in Milwaukee when his contract is up in 3 years.  The Bucks knew this a year ago, but Larry Harris did not change his strategy.  I just hope Yi does not turn out to be Dirk-good, and Milwaukee is stuck with another bad trade. 

3.  Richard Jefferson - probably a top 10 SF (which is a huge improvement for the Bucks), but definitely not in the top 5.  He averaged 22 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists last year for a crummy NJ team. 

4.  NBA Draft 2008 - Does this mean the Bucks no longer are going to go after a SF in the draft?  Is LSU's Anthony Randolph going to be the pick now that we have somebody who can contribute right away?  I guess Joe Alexander's Mandarin doesn't matter so much right now.  If Russel Westbook drops to #8, I think the Bucks have to pick him - a physical guard who takes pride in his defense.

Overall - I wanted to Bucks to go after a solid veteran SF on the market - Jefferson, Artest, Howard.  I'm also glad we got rid of Bobby Simmons' disgusting contract.  If the Bucks end the day with Jefferson and Westbrook, instead of Yi and Simmons, I would say it is a good day to be a Bucks' fan.   

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